Welcome to Mr. Smith

The speakeasy located in the centre of Wyck

This is the Story of Mr. Smith, and how he came to open a Speakeasy in Maastricht. Born on a farm in Shropshire he spent his youth immersed in tales of great travelers from the likes of Robert Louise Stevenson and Jonathan Swift. A chance encounter with an eccentric tea importer led to the first of many great adventures. By the age of 25, Mr. Smith had visited four continents, encoutering people from all walks of life.

From sipping single malt with shepherds on Shetland, to introducing the Mojito to Maharajas, Mr. Smith felt comfortable in every country.
He possessed that rare ability to blend in with any crowd, yet stick out as a man of distinction and grace. A mere inquisitive look could be enough to draw the deepest secrets from recent acquaintances, yet his non-judgemental always inspired the utmost confidence in his discretion.

The bar

Mr. Smith could earnestly claim to have seen it all. But he knew that further adventures await, and so he came to Maastricht.
Now, it’s your turn to share your stories with Mr. Smith, in the crossroads of Europe, a place continuously, inhabited since the Roman Empire.

The Speakeasy, located in a cellar in Wyck, is at once exclusive and inviting. It embodies the qualities he values most highly: intrigue, discretion and above all, a good story over a strong drink. The bartenders strive to convey this story for each guest trough finely and thoughtfully crafted cocktails. Each drink evokes an episode of Mr. Smith enchanted and globetrotting life. These creations aim to tantalize and surprise your senses, fostering a spirit of comfort and ease for your party.

Meet the staff

Mr. Smith Workshops

Mr. Smith offers cocktail workshops at his bar for any occasion. We offer our workshops as of 10 people, at our bar, every day before opening hours.

If you are ready to shake it up behind our bar,  please fill in the contact form down here. Or just simply send an email to drinks@mrsmithmaastricht.com for more information!

House rules

  • Nowadays, there are few refuges from the mobile phone. Let this be one such place.
  • When popping up for a smoke, please respect our neighbours by keeping the noise down.
  • Speak freely on the topic of your choice.
  • Reservations are not always necessary, but we would hate for you to be disappointed and turned away.
  • If you are expecting latecomers, please inform your bartender.
  • Special occasion? Let us know and we can see what
    Mr. Smith has up his sleeve.
  • If you plan to drink, let Mr. Smith arrange a carriage for you. We like you as you are now, alive and not in prison.
  • Bullshit if you must, but make sure it’s a good story.